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Making the most of your physiotherapy treatment

Physiotherapy treatment can be life changing, helping you recover from traumatic injuries, chronic pain and get you on the road to your best performance levels. Here are a few tips to make sure you get the most out of your physiotherapy treatment. 1. Ask your therapist questions about your injury Understanding your condition and how to best manage it is one of the most important factors for a successful recovery. Effective therapists allow time for you to ask questions in...

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Four tips for reducing knee pain

Knee pain comes in many forms with many different causes. While treatment for every person and condition will be different in each case, here are a few tips that may help to reduce knee pain throughout the day. 1. Choose supportive footwear One of the biggest culprits for ongoing knee pain is wearing unsupportive or high-heeled shoes to work. High heels often lead to tight calves and altered gait patterns, while unsupportive shoes can allow rolling in of the ankles,...

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Plantar Fasciitis - What is it

Plantar Fasciitis – What is it?

The plantar fascia is a fibrous band on the underside of the foot that helps support the arch and deep muscles of the foot. Often over time, the stress that is put upon the plantar fascia becomes too much and it begins to degenerate, causing pain when the foot is placed on the ground. It is actually a breakdown of the fascia tissue, which develops many micro-tears. It is thought that as these tiny tears heal, scar tissue is laid...

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sports injury prevention and treatment

Are you ready for the Footy Season?

It’s finally that time of year again – the footy season is about to kick off! Unfortunately, the nature of the sport brings its fair share of injuries with it too. In my experience working with various footy clubs, these are the most common injuries that I’ve encountered – and how to help prevent them. Concussion: This is a complex process which affects the brain, and is induced by traumatic mechanical forces – most commonly a direct blow to the...

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back pain relief

Surprising Conditions Your Physiotherapist Can Help With

Muscle tears, ankle sprains, back pain, headaches and shoulder pain. These are all commonly treated physiotherapy problems and chances are, if you suffer from one of them, you’re either seeing a physiotherapist or putting it off. Most people know how physiotherapy can help them with common injuries, particularly those involving the muscles and the joints. What you probably don’t know is that your physiotherapist has been trained to treat a huge variety of conditions. Some of them might surprise you....

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