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back pain relief

Surprising Conditions Your Physiotherapist Can Help With

Muscle tears, ankle sprains, back pain, headaches and shoulder pain. These are all commonly treated physiotherapy problems and chances are, if you suffer from one of them, you’re either seeing a physiotherapist or putting it off. Most people know how physiotherapy can help them with common injuries, particularly those involving the muscles and the joints. What you probably don’t know is that your physiotherapist has been trained to treat a huge variety of conditions. Some of them might surprise you....

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Is sitting for long periods bad

Don’t Sit Down – This is Important!

We know that repetitive behavior can cause injuries, but scientists have found that the worst type of repetitive behavior could be sitting itself. Any physiotherapist will tell you that the human body is made to move, but in our modern lives it’s hard to avoid sitting. More of our lives are online, our work and entertainment are often done through a screen. Add in the drive to work and you realize we are sitting more now than any other time...

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