Massage is a natural therapeutic treatment, which can aid both mental and physical well being. It is used to help with relaxation, relieve muscular tension and pain, increase circulation and lymphatic flow/drainage, and help aid the natural healing properties of the body.

Our Massage Techniques

Deep Tissue: which targets the deeper layers if muscle tissue. The emphasis is to alter structure and muscle restrictions, focusing less on pleasure and relaxation.

Remedial: works to heat the muscles and tendons. It is a whole body treatment, tracing the cause of the pain/discomfort back to the original cause. Specialised techniques are used to help with the body’s natural repair process which may also include passive stretching.

Sports Massage: works specifically well with sporting injuries and to help ready muscles and the body for sporting events.

Trigger Point Therapy: is a treatment targeting the painful and hyper-irritable points in the muscle tissue which can cause local or referred pain, including headaches. They are commonly found in neck and shoulder region, but can be found anywhere in the body. The trigger points are released with a press-release method and possible vibration as well.

Lymphatic Drainage: is a gentle whole body treatment, focusing on relaxing the nervous system while aiding the body’s immune system. The specialised and gentle rhythmic techniques, move the skin in the lymphatic flow directions through a network consisting of lymph vessels and nodes. This method helps the body naturally eliminate excess toxins, dead cells, viruses, bacteria and chemicals while also possibly helping fluid congestion, wound healing and relieving anxiety and stress.