Pilates is a whole body work out which is low impact and helps to tone and strengthen your body.  Additionally, it can improve body alignment, posture, develop core stability, body awareness and improve neuromuscular control.  All these factors are important to help prevent injuries or aid with rehabilitation after an injury. 

Participating in Pilates is beneficial to all especially to help prevent injury.  This is even more important for those participating in sports such as tennis, dance, soccer, footy etc.  Some benefits include increased core strength and flexibility by adding an additional layer of protection and stability.  It also allows athletes to move more efficiently and effectively within their sport and/or activity. When participating in Pilates, it has been proven that improved balance and co-ordination reduces the chances of injury occurring. 

Pilates is also beneficial to help with general mobility, flexibility and improving your overall quality of life. It is a suitable for everyone, at all levels.

Participation in physical activity such as Pilates and other sports enhances social integration, aids in weight management, improves self-confidence, develops neuromuscular awareness and builds musculoskeletal and cardiovascular health (World Health Organization 2006). 

With an increasing number of sports being promoted both in and outside of schools, we are seeing a rise in the risk of injuries.  This makes injury prevention very important and beneficial for everyone of all ages and activities. Injury prevention has been proven to help with plyometrics, strength, balance and agility, all of which can be incorporated into a Pilates class. 

Come along to Caboolture physical therapy centre for your individualised assessment before getting you into a suitable Pilates class whether this is for injury prevention, rehabilitation, or general exercise and maintenance.

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