So, you are ready to progress to pointes! You may be asked to see a physiotherapist. A pre-pointe assessment, will check things like strength and joint flexibility to ensure you are ready to commence pointe work, minimising the risk of injury while dancing.

What does a pointe assessment involve?

Your assessment can be broken down into 3 parts. Your physiotherapist will:

1. Gather History

Both of your dancing and any previous injuries. This will give your therapist a thorough background of your dancing career and any areas (in particular) to assess if you have had pre-existing injuries.

2. Physical Assessment

This is where your range of movement, flexibility and power (strength) are checked; including looking at foot control, hip and pelvis stability and posture. This will ensure that your body will cope under the stress and stains required when you go onto your pointes.

3. Functional Assessment 

In this part, you will be asked to work through different ballet positions. These will be checked for technique and control with good biomechanical movement patterns. The ability to correct and modify positions is also checked to ensure minimal injury when you start using your pointes.

If you have any questions, or to simply book an assessment, please don’t hesitate to contact your physiotherapist or the friendly staff at Caboolture Physical Therapy Centre.