WorkCover QLD is an insurance policy available to almost all working Queenslanders. WorkCover aims to provide treatment, rehabilitation and support for anyone that suffers from injury or illness as a result of a workplace incident.

Keep in mind that WorkCover is still an insurance company. Therefore, it is critical that the clinic and clinicians who are looking after you understand how to get the best outcomes for their patients.

Here at Caboolture Physical Therapy Centre, we work with them, for you, to get the funding and treatment needed to support you through your difficult times. Our aim is helping you achieve better function and getting you back to work quickly.

WorkCover Eligibility

If you’ve been injured in a workplace incident, or have suffered from illness as a result of your occupation, then you are most likely entitled to rehabilitation that is funded partially or completely by WorkCover.

To begin your treatment with us, you’ll need the following:

  • WorkCover claim submitted and approved
  • Work capacity medical certificate from your GP

Servicers Available To WorkCover Patients

  • Hands on professional assessment and treatment by your personal physiotherapist
  • Clinic gym sessions and well as offsite gym programs
  • Aquatic physiotherapy, water exercise classes and Pilates
  • Communication with your Workcover rehabilitation officer
  • Return to work programs
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations

We Also Offer

  • Direct billing to WorkCover
  • Assistance with handling your claim