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“Physiotherapists provide an important support service to people living with disability and are highly trained to manage acute, non-acute, life-long and life-limiting conditions”. (Australian Physiotherapy Association)

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) represents a major change in the way funding and supports are delivered for people with a disability. Under the NDIS you can tailor your own package to meet your personal goals and needs. You can even control your own funds, through a self-managed plan.

We believe that all people living with a disability should have access to appropriate and high-quality physical therapy services. There are varying levels of disabilities that require input from a wide range of health professionals.

What we can offer: Our experienced staff provide a holistic, collaborative and interdisciplinary approach to your total wellbeing that is client centred and goal focussed. We work together to provide you with the best and most appropriate care for optimal results, offering a team approach to achieve your goals.

Our staff and admin team will work to ensure that you are looked after, we will phone to follow up and make sure that you are happy with your appointment times and discuss progressions in your treatment every step of the way. we have administrative staff available throughout clinic hours who can discuss with you any questions, concerns you may have or changes you wish to make with your treatment plan.

Services we offer that are funded under the NDIS:

What’s next: We currently accept NDIS clients who are either plan managed, self-managed or a combination of both. As we are not an accredited NDIS provider, we are currently unable to accept NDIA managed clients.

If you are unsure about the NDIS, your NDIS plan or how to schedule an appointment, please phone reception on 5495 3255. To find out if you are eligible for the NDIS visit

Booking your Appointment: all clients attending the clinic under an NDIS plan will be scheduled for an initial appointment, which will usually take one hour. This will allow us to assess, get to know you, learn what your goals are and gather all the information that we need to ensure we can come up with the best treatment plan for you.

Following this initial appointment, your therapist will then be able to discuss with you your options for therapy, recommendations, discuss possible durations for your appointments and work with you or your plan manager to ensure that we keep your options for therapy within your plan budget.

How much will be charged to my plan? All of our fees are in line with the NDIS price guide current 2020-2021

Consultation TypeDurationCost
Initial Assessment / Plan review appointment60 minutes $160.00
Subsequent consultation30 minutes $97.00
Subsequent extended consultation 45 minutes$145.50
Aquatic Physiotherapy/ Hydrotherapy45 minutes $76.00
Exercise Physiology:
Consultation TypeDurationCost
Initial Assessment / Plan review appointment60 minutes $165.00
Subsequent consultation 30 minutes $83.49
Subsequent extended consultation 45 minutes $125.24
Note: all Exercise Physiology fees are inclusive of GST

Please note:    If your NDIS plan is due to be reviewed soon, please book in for your review consultation. This will allow time for your therapy team to re-assess and gather any relevant information that may be required to prepare a report for the NDIS. Therapy reports are charged at an hourly rate, for your personalised quotation, please phone 5495 3255. 

Funding your treatment:
Self Managed: Pay in full at the time of your consultation, upload your receipt into the NDIS portal and you will be reimbursed for the full cost of your consultation.
Plan Managed:We can bill your plan manager directly.

What do I need to bring with me to my first consultation under the NDIS? The information that we require from you includes;

  1. Your NDIS plan number
  2. Your goals under the NDIS plan
  3. Any relevant imaging reports or specialist reports that you think will help us with your care.
  4. Whether you are plan managed or self-managed. If you are plan managed we will required your plan managers name and billing information so we can bill them directly.


Can I access allied health services with my chronic disease management (EPC) plan while I am waiting for my NDIS funding? Yes we accept EPC chronic disease management plans. If you are utilising this subsidy from Medicare to complete your assessments for NDIS eligibility, our therapists will require at least two appointments. One to complete your initial assessment (60 minutes) and the second to complete a mini re-assessment and your report (minimum 45 minutes).

The fee scheduled for our EPC service is outlined below (please note all appointments under Medicare plan do not incur a GST charge)

Consultation TypeCostRebateOut-of-pocket
Initial consultation$160.00$55.10$104.90
Subsequent consultation (30 minutes)$97.00$55.10$41.90
Subsequent extended consultation (45 minutes)$145.50$55.10$90.40
Exercise Physiology:
Consultation TypeCostRebateOut-of-pocket
Initial consultation $160.00$55.10$104.90
Subsequent consultation (30 minutes)$97.00$55.10$41.90
Subsequent extended consultation (453 minutes)$145.50$55.10$90.40

What if my Doctor has only given me one session under my EPC care plan? We ask that you book an extended initial treatment to give our therapists the time to deliver a comprehensive assessment and completed report for your NDIS application. Phone the clinic for extended appointment availability and fees

Find out more about the NDIS here: