What is Lipedema?

Lipedema is a condition characterized by symmetrical build up of fat (adipose) tissue in the legs and arms. It is a common, but unrecognized disorder, Lipedema can cause swelling, pain (or pressure) and discomfort.

The swelling associated with Lipedema, generally stops at the wrists and ankles, and tends to cause pain in the legs. It can occur with or without concurrent obesity and those affected can also have issues with joint hypermobility.

Some people with Lipedema can also have leg lymphoedema, as pendulous fatty tissue may result in excessive skin folds which has the potential to trap fluid.

Who can get Lipedema

Sorry ladies, Lipedema occurs almost exclusively in females, with rare reports of it occurring in men.

What causes Lipedema

The causes are not well understood, although it has been reported to either start or worsen during periods of hormonal change, such as puberty, menopause or even pregnancy.

Treatment :

  • Weight management
  • Use of compression garments to prevent or manage leg lymphoedema
  • Lymphatic drainage massage and intermittent compression pump therapy may assist to reduce swelling and discomfort
  • Liposuction (in some cases)

Please note: it is important to seek medical advice for any undiagnosed Oedema prior to commencing treatment

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