PhysiEx Function Well is a supervised circuit training program individually tailored to maximise individual gains and assist clients to reach their goals. Each session focuses on a combination of strength and cardiovascular-based exercise. Classes incorporate the use of Swiss balls, bands and free weights.

An initial assessment

An initial assessment is conducted prior to commencement of this class to determine your health status, exercise history, and to discuss health goals and strategies to achieve these goals. Your first session will also consist of physical assessments to determine current capabilities, enabling a program to be designed specifically for you.

In your class, you will receive professional instruction on exercise technique with close supervision, to ensure your safety. Ongoing assessment to track your progress using outcome measures results in continuous program changes, to keep you on track to achieving your goals.

The benefits of PhysiEx Function Well are

  • improved physical condition
  • regaining your zest for life with better strength and fitness

Please note

*PhysiEx Function Well is run by a physiotherapist and/or exercise physiologist.

*This class is claimable through eligible health funds.