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Four Surprising Causes of Neck Pain

If you are experiencing regular neck pain that just won’t go away, it’s possible that parts of your daily routine are contributing without you realising. Here are a few common everyday activities that might be making your neck pain worse. 1. Your sleeping position It’s easy to underestimate the impact...

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Biceps Tendinopathy: Symptoms and Solutions

What is Biceps Tendinopathy? The biceps brachii muscle, commonly known as the biceps, sits between the shoulder and elbow. It has two parts: the long head and short heads. These come together to form the main muscle bulk, which is the “Popeye” part of your upper arm. The biceps brachii...

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The Golden Years and loving every minute

The man who didn’t know he could until he did People say that with age comes wisdom, so why are we all so afraid of getting older? Is it because we believe that our bodies will deteriorate once we reach a certain age, or that our minds will start to...

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