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The Hidden Risks Of A Sedentary Lifestyle

By now it should come as no surprise that prolonged periods of inactivity are bad for your health. It seems that the science is in, and the bad news is that long periods of sitting or inactivity is a risk factor for many diseases, independent of other factors such as obesity. What does this mean? […]

Medical Collateral Ligament Injury of the Knee (MCL Tear)

What is it? Your knee moves freely backwards and forwards; however, the thought of it moving from side to side probably makes you cringe. This is because the knee joint has sturdy ligaments on either side that prevent sideways movement and we instinctively know that a lot of force would be required to shift it […]

Stiff Joints: Why They Hurt & How To Treat Them

Pain and stiffness often go together, but joint stiffness can occur its own.  Joint stiffness can limit your ability to perform usual tasks like turning your neck to check behind you while driving.  Stiffness can also be a warning sign that part of the body is vulnerable to future injury. So what are the causes […]

On AC Joint Sprains (separated shoulder)

WHAT IS IT? The AC (Acromio-clavicular) is a thick, fibrous joint that connects the top of the shoulder blade to the outer end of the collarbone. It’s required to be strong and supportive, and is the main way that weight bearing forces are transferred from the upper limb to the rest of the skeleton. The […]

The Basics of Stretching

The rules around stretching for sport have changed so many times in the medical world, that no wonder sportspeople and coaches sometimes get a little confused about the right way to stretch. Consider stretching… Why do we stretch? Who should stretch? What sort of stretching? When do we stretch? Is stretching good or bad for […]